Day 6

Wendy and Rob’s first workout together. Many people think you have to belong to a gym to exercise but if you don’t like a gym, then you’re not going to go. Wendy said she hated going to a gym, would only go late at night when no one was around. Rob said, “Then you never have to step foot in a gym ever again!” Watch Wendy work up a sweat as Rob takes her through the paces.


Day 5

Cardio Cardio Cardio!

So now my “Transition Room” is complete! This morning my Exercise Bike and Treadmill where delivered and installed. Now Watch Wendy!

exercise bike arrives

My Life Fitness C9i Cycle arrives

Day 4

During my workout last night, Rob asked me if I preferred working out at home. After thinking about it… YES! I do! When I worked out at the gym in the past, I found I was going later and later at night, just so no one would see me. I was embarrassed to be seen by all these skinny, fit, young people, not to mention I hate having to get dressed and undressed in public dressing rooms. You know all my life I practised my horn alone in a room similar to my new ‘Transition Room’ and was able to concentrate and get the work done! Working out in comfort of my own home makes much more sense. Not to mention getting locked into never ending gym membership fees. So just getting up in the morning and stepping into the room next door leaves ALL excuses out the door! Now you really have no excuse for not being able to work out!

Rob doing Pilates

Rob showing off his Pilates... " Wendy you will be able to do this in a year too! "

wendy doing pilates

Never thought in a million years that I would be doing Pilates!

Day 2.5

Just a quicky…

I’m so excited I just bought ( second hand) this exercise bike and treadmill for a GREAT price at Fitness Depot … they will be delivered this week…

….bye bye guest room.. hello workout room!

bike and treadmill

...and so now it really begins!

Day 2

Monthly Weigh-ins

I always found it so brave of these participants on ‘ Biggest Loser‘ and ‘Extreme Makeover- Weight-loss Edition’ that they would weigh themselves publicley on TV in front of millions.  I may not have millions of viewers on this blog, but enough to stimulate me to reach my goal and post my weight publicly.

Last week Rob weighed me in, took this picture of the scale and then took MY SCALE home with him! So I can’t weigh myself! It’s amazing how attached I was to my scale, and how I felt when he took it.

So the idea is to weigh me in only once a month. So the next time I post my weight to this blog, it will be on July 23 – Ha! that’s my birthday! Stay tuned!…..


A picture can tell a million words....

Day 1

So today Rob came to my house for my first work out. Pheew! tough stuff! We did interval training for 1 hour. By just using the equipment I have here in my house, it’s amazing that he got me fully sweating in no time! ( remember if your not sweating during your workout, your heart rate is not high enough and your not burning too many calories) We put on some work out music and off we went. My hip was hurting, but Rob was careful not to injure it.

Milo ( My dog) was all excited and didn’t know what to make of this all… she grabbed her toys and played too! … and as you can see from this photo she left them all interspersed and scattered amongst my equipment.

workout equipment with milo toys

Milo and Wendy's toys!