Day 4

During my workout last night, Rob asked me if I preferred working out at home. After thinking about it… YES! I do! When I worked out at the gym in the past, I found I was going later and later at night, just so no one would see me. I was embarrassed to be seen by all these skinny, fit, young people, not to mention I hate having to get dressed and undressed in public dressing rooms. You know all my life I practised my horn alone in a room similar to my new ‘Transition Room’ and was able to concentrate and get the work done! Working out in comfort of my own home makes much more sense. Not to mention getting locked into never ending gym membership fees. So just getting up in the morning and stepping into the room next door leaves ALL excuses out the door! Now you really have no excuse for not being able to work out!

Rob doing Pilates

Rob showing off his Pilates... " Wendy you will be able to do this in a year too! "

wendy doing pilates

Never thought in a million years that I would be doing Pilates!


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