Day 11

Boy working out takes a lot of time and planning. This morning I started my work out at 9:00am. I worked out for 1 hour. I did 40 min of interval training that my trainer Rob had written out for me, and then 20 mins of cardio. Rob had pointed out to me a much quicker and more efficient way to do cardio. On my treadmill I’m to walk at a quick pace of 3.0 for 1 minute then as quick a walk pace as possible , and that’s for me 4.5 for 1 minute… then back to the 3.0 .. you do this back and forth for a total of 10 mins. Same on the bike, quick pace for 1 min then as fast as you can ride for 1 min, then back to quick… also for a total of 10 min. Buy the time the 2 cardio workouts were done, I was drenched in sweat.. so yuup that works too!

So I took a shower made my protein shake and now it’s 11:00am…

Like I said, working out does take a lot of time and planning….


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Well Wendy, the time part maybe you don’t have so much of, but you are making it work. The planning part is second nature for you!

    • Thanks for your comment Nadiva! … Luckily now being summer time and my big festival is behind me I can take the time to work out a schedule and system… stay tuned! … hugs!

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