Day 14

Sore knees…

I did quite a bit of exercise yesterday, and my knees paid for it! I couldn’t get to sleep till 3am, with the help of a large dose of Advil. You know I was talking to my neighbour, who also struggles with his weight, and he was reminiscing about his recently passed mother. She suffered from obesity, and he was saying that she had bad knees as well. And she really struggled with the pain and the weight… He said… ” …she always seemed to have an excuse not to start a diet, everyday she gave excuses! … either it was the sore joints, or the Wine Club meeting that night.. or guests coming to dinner… etc.. etc. ” And in the end she died from complications of her Diabetes that was brought on by the obesity.

Rob worked out with me last night, and he didn’t want me to do any exercises that caused pain. So we found others ways to work up a sweat. A lot of upper body exercises with the use of weights and interval training on my bike. Biking is low impact on my knees, and although it does cause pain in my privates… my knees are fine doing this. We did a total of 4 minutes on the bike, where you bike at a middle pace, at an medium peddle intensity of 7, for 30 seconds, then as fast as you can for 30 sec. You do this  back and forth for 4 min.

Instead of walking on my treadmill, because of knee pain, I used the treadmill as a place to do push-ups as you can see from the picture below… The timing of the workout was indeed 45 min. A walk in the park followed this workout.

push ups on treadmill

Doing my push-ups on the treadmill


2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. “…Diabetes that was brought on by the obesity.”
    Small, oversimplified, correction: bad energy management is basically the cause of Diabetes (2), of which obesity is a possible symptom.

  2. hi wendy, is there no solution for your private part, like another saddle or foamplastic you put around? I admire you’re discipline and you have a great trainer! xxxxliesbeth

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