Day 19

Reaching out for support….

…A voice from the past….

I just got off the phone with my good friend and old trainer. I was so afraid of talking to her. Having trained with her for over 2 years, and losing 130 pounds, and having gained it all back made me feel so guilty, worthless and sad. I always had her on my mind, thinking how could I have gained back all this weight after we worked so hard! Like I said, I was afraid of reaching out to her. Today I did. This time the circumstances were reversed and she reached out to me first… I replied and was very relieved …we had a great talk, set a date to meet and have lunch…

I have this fridge magnet on my fridge that says ” Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift”

Today’s gift … a very important inspiration and support in my life’s struggle is back in a much more important role …my friend!

I’m so glad she’s back in my life!

sylvie training

Back in 2009 when Sylvie was my trainer


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