Day 21

I just returned from having a wonderful reunion lunch with my old trainer and BFF, Sylvie. As I embraced her after not seeing her for almost 2 years , streams of tears raced down my cheeks. Tears of joy and hope!

After about 20 min of catch up chat we got down to the nitty gritty of where am I today. ” what’s up Wen? how are you doing ? I read your blog… of course it made me cry”

We got into talking about not dwelling on the past…

“Let’s not think to much about what we did and how much you lost last time, the important thing is you are back on track and have learned a very important lesson from this whole experience! ”

This is so very true!

…” let’s only think about what you have accomplished today.. You walked here? Right? You haven’t walked this far in two years, that’s amazing , that’s what you need to think about … Just what do you need to accomplish today”

I have with the help of some great self help books analyzed this whole journey to death… Okay already! I get it !!

…”Now just get the job done, eat healthy, exercise and sleep 8 hours and we will tackle tomorrow when it gets here , no use doing it now, it’s a waste of energy and only creates stress and fear”

After a two and half hour talk we hugged, said our goodbyes, and promised we would work out together here at my place in my transition room next week. My new workout buddy!

Tomorrow is a mystery ….


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