Day 23

Rob came by today, I just finished my strength training exercises with him. But before we started he brought “George” the nickname for my scale. He weighed me in, still on track and still is not going to tell me!

Here’s the kicker…

As we just said our goodbyes for today, he told me that he was not planning on showing me my progress on the scale at ALL!  “Only if you gain weight, I will tell you, so as we can discuss what’s going wrong”… As he says over and over it’s not about your weight loss Wendy, it’s about whether you are willing and able to keep up this new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise for the rest of your life! ….Gulp! ” Do you think you can do that Wendy?” … I said, I don’t know..Thinking in the past of falling off the wagon, and how I have copped out and quit just before reaching my goals…  luckily I’m reading this book by Jillian Michaels ~ Unlimited, How to build an Exceptional Life, for help on that answer to Rob’s question… as Jillian talks about that very subject, the FEAR of REACHING your goals, and what lays beyond!

I do feel better, I do feel stronger, and can walk longer without pain in my back, these are the signs of a better lifestyle. Yes I do want to lose weight of course. I told Rob I have a goal of losing at least 2 pounds a week, well he said if you stick to eating 1200 calories a day max, and then burn 500 calories in activities, you should lose 6 pounds a week.

So back to counting calories is a must!

I found yet another great tool for this, an iphone App called ” MyFitnessPal” … where you can log in all the foods you eat during the day, and see the calorie count. Yesterday I found out I ate too little! Only 700 calories. You need to eat to lose weight too!  MyFitnessPal is also online for those of your that do not have an iphone.

screen shot of myfitness pal

Screen shot of MyFitnessPal on my computer, that is linked automatically with my iPhone App.



3 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. I agree with Liesbeth… you can do it! But when I asked you about continuing this lifestyle forever, I wanted to plant the seed that there is no end, there is no finish line that you’ll burst through that will change your life and bring you happiness. I know you are set on achieving a certain weight loss goal but there really is no goal except changing your life to support the dreams we talked about that first day. So yes, you can do it, but you already are doing it. Every day you’re in motion you’re achieving your goal. Keep going, keep in motion, keep on Wendy!

  2. Rob is a great trainer! That’s just what it’s all about: no fixation on your scale or on your weight, it’s a whole new view on your situation: it’s all about keeping up your healthy lifestyle. You can do it Wendy! You have to do it, you can save your life. Nobody says it’s easy…….it’s a tough job. If there is a day you feel bad and you may fall back, accept this and know you have a new chance the next day, every day you can make your own choice in what you want with your life. Be strong but don’t be hard on yourself, I am very proud at you and I love you very much!

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