Day 24

Did my “Rob Strength Training” workout first thing this morning. Nice that I was able to just workout in my pj’s! … ouch.. sorry TMI ! But I felt good to get it done, now just tonight my cardio.


It takes a lot of organization and thought to get everything setup so that this new lifestyle will work. For example, last night I forget that the local butcher was closed at 5pm, so I ended up ordering in some chicken. Not a good choice. Even though it was skinless, and the rest , but still it’s better to cook it from scratch yourself. Again thinking back to fitness guru Jillian Michaels, she says that all her healthy friends have tons of ‘ tupperware’ in their homes filled with healthy pre-made snacks. Eating every 3 hours I find to be the hardest task of them all, what to eat, and do I have it in the house? Again, organization must kick in.

So off to the grocery store to load up on some skinless boneless chicken, and other protein items. And some more fruit and veggies!

Wendy's Transition Room

Wendy's Transition Room- a ' PANO' pic, with a little distortion on the chair...


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