Day 26

Setting Goals…

Toronto has turned into an oven. I went out for a late night walk with my dog Milo last night. The temperature went down a bit to a bearable 26 degrees, so I thought it’s now or never, with never being not for the next few days anyways. I turned on my iPhone App Runkeeper, and then set a goal for myself. It’s been over 2 years ago that I walked down to Yonge/Dundas square, and I thought, lets try that tonight. Rob had asked me to set goals, and this would be one on my list. So at 9pm Milo and I set off. Going down to the square, with the distance of 1.84 km was not to bad. Once I got to the square, had some water and sat and watched 10 min of a free outdoor film that was airing; I then started my way back up. I say up, because it’s uphill all the way! So 3.69 km and 1 hour 39 mins later I finally made it home. Pheew it was tough! I was sweating buckets, and poor Milo was pooped as well. We both had some water, I took a cold shower and went to bed – exhausted!

The key to my success:

1. Pre plan my route, looked up on Google maps how far a distance the square would be, wanting to hit at least a 3 km walk.

2. I had to walk back, I did NOT take my wallet, so couldn’t take public transit or taxi as a cop-out.

3. Look for some inspiration- I had just finished watching a TV segment on OWN about Sarah Ferguson, ” Finding Sarah”  and how she is trying to fix herself with a new physical challenge.

4. Chapter Eleven in Jillian Michaels new book, where she talks about ” Creating the Right Environment”.. taking into account with things in your daily life have the potential to sabotage your success. A. Things that sabotage you at home ( i.e. cupboards and fridge full of bad foods) B. Things that sabotage you at work ( going out for lunch, that coffee room, or snack room with the vending machine) or C. Things that sabotage me in general…( going out for a walk and taking your wallet… you don’t need it!…don’t be tempted to buy anything! )


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