Day 27

So I went to see HP 7.5 last night. Needed to escape the heat! When I got to the theatre I was hit hard with the very strong urge to buy popcorn to accompany the film. Falling into old habits… yeeks, the urge was so strong, I settled for a small popcorn, first time ever, no large bucket. Next on this venture was squishing my hips into the theatre chair that is enclosed with cup holders on either side of the seat. I fit, but it was a painful and uncomfortable 2 hour sit with the cup holders jamming painfully into my hips. I enjoyed the film but the guiltiness of the popcorn, and the uncomfortable seat made me very frustrated and depressed in thinking about how everyone else in the theatre has no problems fitting into these seats.

Why do I write about this? Because to show myself, and you all out there, that there are daily obstacles that can effect our mood, and can trigger emotional binge eating. The world out there is scary and unpredictable, and the comfort and security of my home can become a dangerous security blanket that makes it harder and harder to venture outside!

In conclusion, what I therefor need to do is go outside socially more often and find a balance of enjoyment without getting out of control because of food temptations, and not be sad about obstacles like seating…finding other seating solutions. BTW there was a seat a the front of theatre without armrests for disabled persons, but it was too close to the movie screen….

Next time I need to find a ‘ buddy ‘ that will go with me, to help me from making wrong choices.




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