Day 29

Happy Birthday to me!

Is it weird to wish yourself a Happy Birthday? Who knows!

So today I just finished reading the wonderfully helpful book written by Jillian Michaels~ Unlimited. Good timing too! The last few chapters were about how to take control of your impulsive actions.

Chapter 13 ” Although willpower and emotional regulation are two separate things, they go hand in hand. Irrational feelings often make us impulsive, and if we can control impulsivity, we buy ourselves time to reason to create proactive, empowering solutions. Never forget, one moment of unchecked impulsivity can destroy months or even years of hard work. By better managing your emotions especially the negative ones, you can significantly increase your chances of success in every part of your life. Remember, no matter show strong your self-control may become, like the muscle that gets fatigued, it can get overworked and burn out on you. So you need to learn how to strengthen your willpower and to manage your emotions for those particularly trying times. ” 

Last night I had a bad impulsive moment. I felt lonely, alone and depressed about turning 52. So I ran back to my old habits of washing down these emotions with junk food. Jillian writes, in these sort of moments, you need to take in some really deep breaths, count to 10 and try to think rationally about your present actions. STOP and do something else. I was watching a movie at the time.

Being aware of ALL your actions all the time is the key to learning or in my case un-learning my old habits.

Today is a new fresh day! Today is my Birthday ! I am so blessed to have so many supportive friends and family around me, ( more than 50 people so far wished me Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall today…) and with all that support I must realize that I’m NOT ALONE and many of you do care for me and my well being!

Time for me to start caring about me too!

Jillian Michaels unlimited

Jillian Michaels new book Unlimited.


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