Day 32

Rob Moore wrote:
Hi Wendy! No blog postings or Runkeeper stats in the past few days. You ok?

No I’m not!

This construction in my home is a nightmare… I wish I had enough money to move into a hotel!

I have no shower, no water, gapping holes in my kitchen and bathrooms, plastic sheets all over my furniture…

I am sneezing constantly because of the very fine construction dust

I am living on my balcony

no I’m not alright…

this sucks… and it will not be over until next monday


Oh my gosh that’s terrible! I know you don’t like it but maybe you could join the Y for a month and get the membership plus (for the better changeroom and women’s facilities) then you could at least have access to the shower regularly and the running track when it’s too hot out to walk.

You are right.. I don’t like it… I will stick it out here… and deal with it… I will try to walk tonight… I will see.. but as you can imagine … I really pissed off! and I am just in survivor mode right now… today they start on my kitchen… so no cooking tonight… have to eat out

I am at my office the whole day.. so at least when I get home at 5:30 the men are gone.. but the mess remains… I just sit on my deck and read a book.. then go to be early…lets just say this week doesn’t exist… 

thanks for your concern, and reaching out Rob.. it really does help! 

Yes, try keeping up your walking for sure.

I know it’s redundant, but I really do feel that how we react to the
obstacles in our journey will determine how successful we are in
reaching our goal. There will always be challenges, tests to see if
you can stay on the right path. Don’t let these circumstances slow you





2 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. Hi Wendy,

    reconstruction time is a rotten time. I know! It provided me with the perfect excuse to eat typical Dutch fast food : kroketten, frikandellen, patatje oorlog, and most of all something not so Dutch at all: shoarma with garlic and spicy onions. Knowing that I would have to pay for it did not stop me in times of Reconstruction. The water comes to my mouth even thinking about it now. But now I try to think of it as something that gave me a good feeling for a moment, but an upset stomach and bad breath for at least a few days…
    Do you like sushi? Can you pick it up in your area, or do they deliver it at your doorstep? I learned to like it tremendously. Just like “Wok to Order” – stir-fried fresh vegetables with noodles and a lean but mean sauce and some chicken breast. All of it halthy and tasty food. And no cravings for kroketten…
    Another remedy that works for me: looking at Master Chef shows. I love looking at the dishes, and being amazed by the work it takes I gladly turn to wheat crackers with a bit of 20% “oude kaas” knowing that I am enjoying glorious food by looking at it, not by digging into it. and I love these 20% old cheeses.

    All this attention to eating: sometimes I get so tired of myself looking for excuses. But I got some relief by reading about it on Oprah’s. Here’s the link:

    Hang in there, Wendy. Some day the dust an the mess will be gone. I promise. And if you feel the need to stamp your feet and swear heavily in Dutch: be my guest. It helps.


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