Day 50

Portion Control!

I met a good friend last week that has been with Weight Watchers for 3 years now. We actually started our journey together 3 years ago, her route, WW’s and mine, exercise. She is still on track and has not gained back the weight she lost.

As we were talking I mentioned the ‘ Diet’ word… and she immediately said, no Wendy it’s called a permanent life style change! I haven’t gained my lost weight back because I have learned the biggest lesson of all …. Portion Control!

She is wanting to lose the last 5 pounds to reach her goal, so she can become a ‘ life – time member’ this would result in her fees for WW meetings would be waved… but she says she doesn’t put a time limit on it. In 3 years she has lost 68 pounds. She took her time!

I asked what a typical day of eating was like for her. I was shocked actually how little portions she eats, but she did point out as long as I stay within my ‘ points’ I pretty well can eat anything, even including  a scoop of ice cream and  2 daily Arrowroot cookies.


Even though I am now exercising every day, weight training and walking, I still am not on track with my eating! So… I pulled out my Weight Watchers kit, that I still have and calculated my daily points according to my weight and now I am using my iphone app, iWatcher again, and from today on I am back to tracking my points ! I need this discipline!

My friend mentioned that with the ‘ new WW point system’ that ALL fruits and Vegetables are now zero points! So go ahead and bring out that bowl of grapes or plums and munch away!


5 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. YAY WENDY!!
    Keep it up. It’s all about learning from those around you. We all come into each other’s lives for a reason and she is helping you in that aspect. Draw from everything you can and we’ll make this life full and happy with people we love to share it with! I’m rootin’ for you wendy girl, keep it going!

  2. I also forgot to mention that she says she eats every 3 hours a day, up to dinner time, after diner no more eating. She eating in the ‘ snacking’ times between meals, yogurt or fruit. And again no more eating after dinner. And of course lots of water, 2 – 3 litres a day.

  3. They say.. eat all the fruit you want! I guess you really will fill up faster with fruit anyways… ! I ‘m going to try it! I keep you posted.. the key is keeping track of the points in my iWatcher… have you ever been to a WW meeting there in Clogland?

    • Yes I did, in a greyish past when they did not use iWatchers. I actually lost a lot of kilos, but it did not last, due to my pregnancy that made me eat and snack like crazy. After the birth (difficult and complicated) I stayed way too heavy, got lost in stress and never found the courage to take WW on again. I am with a dietician now, who makes me eat according to the schedule you described. Basically eat every three hours. Lots of stuff allowed, based on my own preferences. For example: I don’t drink a lot of milk, I don’t really like it. But I am allowed to drink one cup of Chocomel Light every day. So I get all the valuable stuff from milk, and a little taste of chocolate every day, without losing myself into my craving for chocolate. Because it is nice, but not too nice. One thing is totally forbidden, though: dropjes! That is OK…for now…I guess…

  4. Interesting!! but what do they say about all the (natural) sugars in some types of fruit? Don’t you have to be careful with those? I have no problem digging into raw carrots and cucumbers; I like those on a daily basis. You don’t punish me by telling me to eat fresh salads every day. I do that anyway. But I also like melon and grapes, and they are full of sugars…


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