Day 81

Pheeew! ….A big sigh of relief!

Why the sigh?… Well yesterday Rob brought back my scale. Long of the short of things, Rob is really busy this year with his big new dreams, and well it’s going to be harder to meet up and train. So I’m going to continue this on my own. Which I’m totally fine with me, as he has given my some great tips and tools to continue this.The important thing is the addition of using Weight Watchers (WW) as my main guidance. And the reason why I have asked for  my scale back is because I need to know my weight in order to calculate my ‘points‘.

So this morning, dreading to look, after almost 3 months of not having any idea of my weight, I went on the scale. Oh my! Good news! But according to Rob I’m not aloud to be happy with seeing my number, but I am anyways.  Since starting this blog 81 days ago on June 25th, I’m happy to report I have now lost 30 pounds! No wonder those old jeans fit me today, I was surprised to see!


4 thoughts on “Day 81

  1. Hi Wendy! Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Now that you’ve had your scale back for over a month, has it helped you in achieving your fitness goals? I know you were quite relieved to have it back!

  2. YEAH WENDY!! Good work!! Hey, If you need any extra support so you’re not doing this on your own (which you obv. aren’t, see all of your support!?) well, I am available !! haha… always thinking of you and I know you’re a strong woman and will reach your goals, whatever you lay those out to be. That’s wicked about the weight drop, but remember: Keep going!! keep going and going and going, Energizer Bunny. 🙂 xox,

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