Drastic Measures

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So here I am back after 1 years absence, 2013 will be the year of big changes.

I am scheduled for Gastric Bypass Surgery this year (sometime in October or November, 2013)  My doctor has recommended that I be a part of the Ontario Bariatric program at Toronto Western Hospital. A brand new program that is only 3 years old, that started with one patient, and now has hundreds. What’s different this time you ask?  Well, the TEAM at the hospital consists of not only surgeons, but also Social Workers, Phycologists, Nutritionists, and a focus discussion group of all the patients part of the program that meet by-weekly. This team will follow you for 5 years years after your surgery, and it is all covered by OHIP. You can only qualify if your BMI is 60% or higher.

I went to the discussion group session last night for the second time this year,( we meet every two weeks)  and I must say… Wow… this is great! Exactly what I was looking for. A room full of about 40 people that are pre-op and post op. This discussion group gives one the opportunity to share and discuss your experiences with the surgery, and it’s success and struggles. Some people have had the surgery one or two years ago, and have lost up to 200 pounds, some have just had the surgery last month, so it’s a great platform to talk and meet new friends that are all in the same boat as you, struggling with obesity, as a disease, and people, obesity if REALLY a disease.

I’m planning to blog my progress again, and this time with great success, I have too! It’s my last chance to really make it work. The biggest struggle that most people including myself have with diets and weight-loss is KEEPING the weight you lost off! Yo-Yoing has been a huge part of my life. Losing and gaining back the weight I lost through-out my life. I’m sick of it, and this surgery is my last option.

I may not blog for a few weeks or months at a time, but once the surgery takes place, I will post my results for sure! I hope to have all your support in this last ditch effort. I know I will. Thanks for all your support in the past… and now it’s my big Life style change that is definitely now in the works!


4 thoughts on “Drastic Measures

  1. Wendy I’m so thrilled for you –
    So glad I checked in by chance and saw that you started up your blog again. I will stay tuned and will be cheering for you all the way!
    You rock!

  2. We have this programme in Holland too, with succes for many people, indeed for most of them their last chance to get healthy. I am very happy you will have this chance too, it will not be easy but I am sure you will get a lot of support from your sisters, family, friends and the professionals. I have two friends who had this operation and they now are very happy and healthy. So go for it lieve schat! I will support you from the other side of the ocean, love and hugs from Liesbeth

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