#Optifast Day 2- #bypasssurgery

Optifast day two!

Holy smokes… now that was a very difficult first 24 hours. Hunger, hunger, hunger! boy was I hungry by the end of the day. I reached out to a fellow bypass patent and she suggested to fill up on sugar-free Jello™. I read on the Optifast website that it takes 3 days for your body to start producing ketosis. 

It is normal to feel hungry for the first few days of the Program as your body adjusts to burning body fat for energy. As this process starts to occur your body will begin to produce ketones as a by-product of the fat burning process. The ketones tend to suppress appetite. This process is called ketosis. If you are feeling hungry whilst on the program ensure that your fluid intake is adequate. We sometimes mistake hunger for thirst” 

This morning, while taking a shower, it was like running a 5 mile marathon. I had NO energy a was panting, and out of breath during the whole process. 800 calories a day ( 4 packs of optifast) is not many calories to run a 400lb body. Not enough gas in the engine. Now I’m sitting having my first optifast shake, and feeling better, having some more energy, and should be enough to get up and take out my dog for a walk. I sure by the end of the week I will be getting better used to this, fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!


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