Day 53

Healthy Groceies

Healthy Choices

WW day 3

I am so glad that I started with WW again. I needed the proper guidelines for proper nutrition and food intake. I went out on the weekend and bought all the ingredients to make proper take-to-work lunches. My good friend and motivator has sent me this WW newsletter below about keeping up your mood. She told me along with this, she also takes daily Vitamin B complex, to boost her spirits, and keep her out of the moody blues.

Mood Food

  • Article By: Carole Ann Rice

When was the last time you were happy? If your answer is “who cares? I can’t remember anyway” then maybe your diet is affecting your memory and mood in more ways than you think.

It sounds incredible, but put simply, we all know how, albeit temporarily, we feel good after eating something truly delicious. Like that wonderful high we feel after a chocolate binge, for example. This shows us how food can affect our moods and lift our spirits.

However, it’s a sad fact that often these high sugar and high fat feel-good foods have the adverse effect of lifting our blood sugar levels only to have them come crashing down and causing us to feel low or lethargic shortly after.

It’s no wonder we can’t always put our roller coaster moods down to hormones or time of the month.

Experts say that your intelligence and memory aren’t purely determined by your genetic programming. What you eat can make a big difference to your mental abilities.

You are what you eat
Keeping your blood sugar balanced is probably the most important factor in maintaining an even energy, mood and concentration as well as weight.

When the level of glucose in our body drops we are likely to experience a whole host of symptoms including fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, nervousness, depression, excessive thirst, sweating, headaches and digestive problems.

This is when we crave sweet, starchy foods, or tea, or coffee, to give us a lift and before we know it, it becomes a vicious circle of artificial highs and real energy draining lows.

But there are a whole variety of feel good food enhancers that you can supplement your diet with to aid memory and to help ward off those blue moments.

Calcium and magnesium are particularly good supplements to take if you are feeling ragged and your nerves are shot to pieces and zinc has been proven to be one of the most powerful nutrients for mental health.

Patrick Holford, best-selling author of The Optimum Nutrition Bible says that every one of the 50 known essential nutrients, with the exception of vitamin D, has a role to play in promoting brain function.

“The B complex group of vitamins are vital for mental health. Deficiency of any one of the eight B vitamins will rapidly affect how you think and feel,” he says.

“As they are water-soluble and rapidly pass out of the body so we need a regular intake throughout the day to keep us topped up.”

This is where your variety of fresh vegetables comes in via salads, crudités and soups.

Vitamin C, he adds, not only helps boost your immunity against colds it also helps the brain to balance neurotransmitters so start getting your daily dose of carrots, parsley, oranges and berries.

So remember that if you stick to a healthy vitamin and mineral-packed diet you will soon see how quickly your short-term memory improves and nothing beats that feel good buzz that comes with reaching your target weight.

Below is a checklist supplied by the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, which is designed to boost your memory and your mood.

Mood and memory action plan:

  • Eat a serving of fish at least every other day – particularly oily fish such as sardines, salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel
  • Use (sparingly!) cold-pressed sunflower, pumpkin seed or flax oil on salads
  • Eat one heaped teaspoon of ground seeds daily – on cereal, soups, salads or casseroles
  • Eat plenty of B vitamin rich foods – whole grains, beans, lentils, fish, seeds and vegetables
  • Eat plenty of zinc-rich foods – nuts, seeds and whole grains
  • Try to cut out, or limit, stimulants such as tea, coffee and cigarettes
  • Avoid too many sugary foods or processed foods with chemical additives
  • Load up on glasses of water, diluted juices and herb or fruit teas
  • Try to avoid frying foods wherever possible
  • Avoid processed fats

Day 50

Portion Control!

I met a good friend last week that has been with Weight Watchers for 3 years now. We actually started our journey together 3 years ago, her route, WW’s and mine, exercise. She is still on track and has not gained back the weight she lost.

As we were talking I mentioned the ‘ Diet’ word… and she immediately said, no Wendy it’s called a permanent life style change! I haven’t gained my lost weight back because I have learned the biggest lesson of all …. Portion Control!

She is wanting to lose the last 5 pounds to reach her goal, so she can become a ‘ life – time member’ this would result in her fees for WW meetings would be waved… but she says she doesn’t put a time limit on it. In 3 years she has lost 68 pounds. She took her time!

I asked what a typical day of eating was like for her. I was shocked actually how little portions she eats, but she did point out as long as I stay within my ‘ points’ I pretty well can eat anything, even including  a scoop of ice cream and  2 daily Arrowroot cookies.


Even though I am now exercising every day, weight training and walking, I still am not on track with my eating! So… I pulled out my Weight Watchers kit, that I still have and calculated my daily points according to my weight and now I am using my iphone app, iWatcher again, and from today on I am back to tracking my points ! I need this discipline!

My friend mentioned that with the ‘ new WW point system’ that ALL fruits and Vegetables are now zero points! So go ahead and bring out that bowl of grapes or plums and munch away!

Day 45

Feeling fresh!

So I”m back! Having survived the construction mess, and now that it’s all behind me, I can get back to my new routine. I don’t do well with not having control of my personal space, and also started my new job this week.

I am totally a type ‘ A ‘ personality…

Type A personality

Type A individual are ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, preoccupied with his or her status, time-conscious, and tightly-wound. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics” who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence.

So now my house is done, and my dear friend Rob came this morning. He didn’t bring the scale, he knew there was no point, and me too, so we went straight up to the transition room, didn’t dwell or talk to much about the last 2 weeks of non progress. He said, it’s normal to have dips now and then…  just think about today, and the future. So then we got straight to working on our brand new 1 hour workout.

So now it’s back to routine= 1 hour cardio in the morning, weights at night.  Enjoying my new job, new work outs and a new feeling fresh me!

new pushups with weights

Rob's new push up exercise with 10 lbs weights.. Milo is not so impressed!

Day 37

I’m still here!

Almost done with the construction in my home. Should be able to use my ‘ transition room’ by wednesday, fingers crossed! I went away to my sisters for the weekend. Got home, and started the big task of cleaning my apartment that is covered in concrete dust. After washing floors, dusting, and vacuuming, I did work up a big sweat! Burned a few  hundred calories doing that at least.

Staying active is the key!

Day 33

Today is new day !

Just came back from a nice afternoon walk. I walked about 2. 40 km. On the way I stopped at the St. Lawrence Market then into Starbucks for an ice coffee and walked back to my office. Allergies under control now, construction continues at home, but according to a friend that is a Psychic reader, he says that Leo’s are in a very strong position this week! .. I will overcome all obstacles and be thankful and grateful for all my wonderful friends and family supporting this journey!

Day 32.5

Rob Writes….

I understand your allergies must be pretty bad. Despite your allergies and construction woes, what can you be thankful for?

A lot of factors go in to determining your success. A big factor is Gratitude. As you know, struggling with weight and depression involves a lot of negative self-talk and complaining which are habits formed to sustain your weight and depression; it’s circular. Part of retraining your habits is changing every complaint to a thought of gratitude.

For example: “My place is a mess because of my construction woes,” can be changed to, “Thank God I’ve got a gorgeous penthouse that can be under construction.” “I’ve got terrible allergies,” can be changed to, “In terms of health ailments I could be suffering from, allergies are pretty benign and manageable.”

I’m not suggesting that you should always put a happy face on in less than desirable circumstances – when something sucks, acknowledge that it sucks and then choose a different perspective to move beyond it.

But know that complaining is a little addictive too because we’re all addicted to one thing – being right! We wouldn’t complain or get involved in negative self-talk if we didn’t believe we were right or wanted to convince everyone else we were right as well. To a positive suggestion of joining the Y, you reinforced how difficult your situation is by saying you’re in “survival mode,” your allergic reaction is “tremendous,” that you’re “sneezing your head off,” that your nose is a “dripping faucet,” and that you can’t even contemplate exercise. Your habit of negative self-talk always asks you to locate an excuse to prevent you from being successful and you elaborate on how dire the excuse is to prove that you’re right. But it’s not a conscious process, this is your weight talking, this is your negative self-talk, this is your low self-esteem: “I can’t exercise because of A and B and C, but let me explain further why A and B and C are so terrible so that you’re as convinced as I am that I can’t do it! That way, I don’t have to think about being successful because all I really want is to escape the responsibility of achieving and living up to my success because I’m afraid of failing.” Remember, these aren’t necessarily conscious thoughts but the terrible cycle of negative self-talk and depression and it must be broken.

It’s taken me years to get over my negative self-talk, to dig myself out of depression, and still I struggle nearly every day with it. But what helps is gratitude. Even if it doesn’t get you moving physically, mentally it moves you in the right direction.

I’ll paste a part of gratitude that I’ve written before:

“Or maybe you can help but feel grateful, stuck as you are in the habit of thinking negatively about your every experience. When I just mentioned that you could be thankful for your body or your friends or your job, did any thoughts cross your mind like, “My body’s too ugly to be grateful for” or “I may have friends but not the kind of friends I want” or “Why would I be thankful for a job that I hate?” If you are someone who instinctively considers the negative, let’s go deeper than gratitude and let me rephrase the question.

Are you happy?

You may wonder why I would ask such a thing in place of what you are thankful for, but the truth is gratitude and happiness are so connected that one could state with confidence how highly you rate on one based on how you answer the other. Moreso than love, spirituality and forgiveness, gratitude has been found to be one of the strongest correlators to how satisfied we are with our lives. So often we can take the simple pleasures for granted and complain about what we don’t have. Some spend their whole lives chasing happiness like a dangling carrot, that a car or house or relationship or certain number on the scale is all that stands in the way of certain bliss. But recognizing the gifts in your life right now gives you happiness right now. It reminds you to enjoy the gifts you have, to derive the greatest pleasure from them and appreciate what is good in your life.”

I share this with you now to help reinforce the necessity of perspective in the face of diversity. Trust me, you are not in “survivor mode” because of allergies and construction. I’ll say again that how you react to your obstacles will determine your success. There will always be allergies, construction, an ex-, a disappointment. Reverend Michael Beckwith said, “Nothing new can come into your life until you’re grateful for what you already have.” Believe him.

Day 32

Rob Moore wrote:
Hi Wendy! No blog postings or Runkeeper stats in the past few days. You ok?

No I’m not!

This construction in my home is a nightmare… I wish I had enough money to move into a hotel!

I have no shower, no water, gapping holes in my kitchen and bathrooms, plastic sheets all over my furniture…

I am sneezing constantly because of the very fine construction dust

I am living on my balcony

no I’m not alright…

this sucks… and it will not be over until next monday


Oh my gosh that’s terrible! I know you don’t like it but maybe you could join the Y for a month and get the membership plus (for the better changeroom and women’s facilities) then you could at least have access to the shower regularly and the running track when it’s too hot out to walk.

You are right.. I don’t like it… I will stick it out here… and deal with it… I will try to walk tonight… I will see.. but as you can imagine … I really pissed off! and I am just in survivor mode right now… today they start on my kitchen… so no cooking tonight… have to eat out

I am at my office the whole day.. so at least when I get home at 5:30 the men are gone.. but the mess remains… I just sit on my deck and read a book.. then go to be early…lets just say this week doesn’t exist… 

thanks for your concern, and reaching out Rob.. it really does help! 

Yes, try keeping up your walking for sure.

I know it’s redundant, but I really do feel that how we react to the
obstacles in our journey will determine how successful we are in
reaching our goal. There will always be challenges, tests to see if
you can stay on the right path. Don’t let these circumstances slow you




Day 29

Happy Birthday to me!

Is it weird to wish yourself a Happy Birthday? Who knows!

So today I just finished reading the wonderfully helpful book written by Jillian Michaels~ Unlimited. Good timing too! The last few chapters were about how to take control of your impulsive actions.

Chapter 13 ” Although willpower and emotional regulation are two separate things, they go hand in hand. Irrational feelings often make us impulsive, and if we can control impulsivity, we buy ourselves time to reason to create proactive, empowering solutions. Never forget, one moment of unchecked impulsivity can destroy months or even years of hard work. By better managing your emotions especially the negative ones, you can significantly increase your chances of success in every part of your life. Remember, no matter show strong your self-control may become, like the muscle that gets fatigued, it can get overworked and burn out on you. So you need to learn how to strengthen your willpower and to manage your emotions for those particularly trying times. ” 

Last night I had a bad impulsive moment. I felt lonely, alone and depressed about turning 52. So I ran back to my old habits of washing down these emotions with junk food. Jillian writes, in these sort of moments, you need to take in some really deep breaths, count to 10 and try to think rationally about your present actions. STOP and do something else. I was watching a movie at the time.

Being aware of ALL your actions all the time is the key to learning or in my case un-learning my old habits.

Today is a new fresh day! Today is my Birthday ! I am so blessed to have so many supportive friends and family around me, ( more than 50 people so far wished me Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall today…) and with all that support I must realize that I’m NOT ALONE and many of you do care for me and my well being!

Time for me to start caring about me too!

Jillian Michaels unlimited

Jillian Michaels new book Unlimited.

Day 28

Pouring out your soul on a public blog get results!….

After writing yesterday about getting out more and socializing with buddies, and old high school friend immediately reached out and offered to buddy up. The result was driving up to my old neighbourhood to her house and swim all afternoon in her wonderful backyard pool. Exactly what Rob asks… find other fun ways to get in your exercising for the day. Perfect solution to getting out more, I stayed for dinner too, and was able to stay on the healthy road with lots of fruit and veggies. Thanks Tracy for reaching out and coming to the rescue!

swimming in pool

Taking a swim on Toronto's record highest hot day this summer ever!


Day 27

So I went to see HP 7.5 last night. Needed to escape the heat! When I got to the theatre I was hit hard with the very strong urge to buy popcorn to accompany the film. Falling into old habits… yeeks, the urge was so strong, I settled for a small popcorn, first time ever, no large bucket. Next on this venture was squishing my hips into the theatre chair that is enclosed with cup holders on either side of the seat. I fit, but it was a painful and uncomfortable 2 hour sit with the cup holders jamming painfully into my hips. I enjoyed the film but the guiltiness of the popcorn, and the uncomfortable seat made me very frustrated and depressed in thinking about how everyone else in the theatre has no problems fitting into these seats.

Why do I write about this? Because to show myself, and you all out there, that there are daily obstacles that can effect our mood, and can trigger emotional binge eating. The world out there is scary and unpredictable, and the comfort and security of my home can become a dangerous security blanket that makes it harder and harder to venture outside!

In conclusion, what I therefor need to do is go outside socially more often and find a balance of enjoyment without getting out of control because of food temptations, and not be sad about obstacles like seating…finding other seating solutions. BTW there was a seat a the front of theatre without armrests for disabled persons, but it was too close to the movie screen….

Next time I need to find a ‘ buddy ‘ that will go with me, to help me from making wrong choices.